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People to People.  Human relations management is about recognizing that the most valuable asset of organizations and businesses is not just the people but the relationships between the people.  Communication is the tool that tears down walls and builds bridges.  So, let's talk. . . . 

Escalated Complaints

Some customers will request to speak with a manager if your customer service agents cannot resolve an issue.  Then the customer will ask that manager's supervisor. If the issue appears to have no common ground and the customer still demands a solution, the issue will be moved up to the second or third level of management.

To save internal costs and executive time, such situations could best be handled by a third-party liaison or escalated situations expert.

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Unresolved Disputes

Disputes can destroy you brand, reputation and eventually your business.  They can arise from many sources, such as customers, employees, vendors, investors, regulatory agencies, etc.

While your staff handle the day-to-day operations, Da Vincente, as your liaison, can handle your nagging conflicts and disputes.  Let's talk. . . 


Claims & Litigation

As we all know, unresolved and lingering claims can escalate into a time consuming and costly lawsuit or governmental investigation.  Hidden claims that are formenting with seething frustration, anger and hurt can expose costly systemic problems.

Silence is not golden.  So, let's get it out into the open and talk about it.

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Escalated  Situations Experts