Creating Opportunities from Options

We are now in an age in which we call the lawyer before we call the doctor, the insurance company, the human resources department, or even customer service for the third time.  We e-mail, text, fax or review on social media.  We have forgotten how to actually talk to each other. The old way is the adversarial approach. Us against them. Call in the lawyers.  Win-lose settlements. The new effective way is win-win-win strategies through diplomatic, collaborative negotiations and resolutions  ......... The complainant wins.  The respondent party wins.  And the project wins by moving forward with the least disruptions.
The magic of "People talking to People".   . . . . .   Let's talk.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people help people to get things done .....  THE TRIPLE WIN.

A Few Words from Our Clients

"I've always depended on lawyers to handle my disputes, big and small.  Da Vincente managed  the claim, working with the lawyers, contractors and engineers. We never stopped production.  Da Vincente saved me time, money and headaches. And I kept my client! Thanks"
                                        Richard M., Oklahoma City, OK.

Collaborative Negotiations

& Resolutions




Contested Situations

Before you call the lawyer...... call us!!