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Da Vincente & Lombardi is one of the leading management, dispute and litigation consulting firms for addressing and solving business problems and disputes in today's competitive and litigious enviornment.  We provide cutting edge, knowledge-based services:
  • Management Consulting
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Human Relations Management Consulting
  • Litigation Management Consulting & Strategic Support

Client focused. Teamwork oriented.  When it comes to analizing and solving business problems and disputes, we are known as the THE SYNDICATE.  As your consultant, we don't work solo, we work in multi-disciplinary, multi-departmental, and multi-firm teams.  We attack your issue in groups.  We take a 360 prospective of the issue.  We help resolve your issues from an holistic prospective and approach.

Creative Strategies. Business Solutions. Everything we know about you goes into everything we do for you.  In business, you deserve people devoted to your success.  People who are proactive about problem solving and dispute resolution.  Not passive or reactive.

When it comes to knowing your position, finding creative ways to improve your process, to settle nascent conflicts and in handling potentially damaging disputes, timing is everything.  So, at Da Vincente,  we are intensely committed to you and the success of your business. Call us at 713 721 6949.

Ask the Expert!

If you are frustrated with your problems or tired of getting the run around in resolving a disagreement.  And you want to pick a fight  ......  Pick us and win.

To contact an adviser, send your questions, comments, or a summary of your situation to expert@davlom.com.

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